The Disneyland® Paris gardens and green spaces, an integral part of the narrative

Published on March 29, 2015
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A natural environment that plunges guests into the storytelling experience : With 35,000 trees, 450,000 shrubs and over one million flowers planted every year, the Disneyland Paris gardens and green spaces are an integral part of the guest experience.

Far from playing a purely ornamental role, the resort’s trees, plants and flowers help to create an exotic atmosphere and bring the stories to life. The teams have to keep to 16 different themes with colour and height constraints, whilst taking into account the living nature of plants throughout the four seasons of the year.

Disneyland® Park


Disneyland Park is made up of five themed lands. Each of these lands spirits away guests to a magical universe where they can experience the stories created by Disney. The plants, flowers, trees and greenery are carefully chosen, laid out and pruned in order to blend harmoniously into the environment so as to enhance the experience. Flowers in subtle colours planted in pristine, structured flowerbeds are a perfect fit with the atmosphere of Main Street U.S.A., a small, early 20th century Victorian town. In Frontierland, giant redwoods (sequoia giganteum) and Austrian pines (pinus nigra Austriaca) recreate the feel of the American West and bring to mind its wide open spaces, while 180 species of cactus, some of which are over 3 metres tall, help to plunge guests into a dry desert environment. In Adventureland, a land dedicated to explorers in exotic, faraway countries, the Nature and Environment team had to use its ingenuity in order to create lush green vegetation all year round, both by using exotic plants, but also by using special pruning techniques to encourage leaf growth.

Walt Disney Studios® Park


At Walt Disney Studios, the trees and shrubs fit into the urban environment at the heart of the production studios. Here we find a number of exotic species that bring to mind the atmosphere of Californian film studios: flowering pomegranate trees, southern magnolia or magnolia grandiflora, palm trees, silk trees, red horse chestnut trees and even sugar maples and Holm oaks.  Yew and boxwood topiary also give the vegetation a “show-time” feel.

The Disney hotels


The experience continues in the seven Disney hotels, each of which tells a different story with a theme that is also depicted by the vegetation. For example, Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe®, is surrounded by yuccas, low-level shrubs and lots of stone features, inspired by the Southern US pueblo style, while at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne®, grasses and herbaceous plants recreate the feel of the Wild West plains. Finally, Disney’s Sequoia Lodge® nestles in the midst of 500 sequoias imported from the US, surrounded by typical mountain undergrowth, bringing to mind American nature reserves. Thanks to these green spaces, specially designed and developed to enhance the magic, each themed hotel has its own unique atmosphere. Another unique feature of the resort’s hotels is that freshly-cut flowers are arranged every day and displayed for our guests’ enjoyment.


Fun Facts

  • 4 million cubic metres of earth had to be moved to produce Disneyland® Paris’ hills and valleys.


  • The Disneyland Paris landscape gardeners planted more than 35,000 trees and 350,000 shrubs from all over the globe, including a 150-year-old cedar tree.


  • Twice a year the Disneyland Paris gardeners prune the5 km of hedges that make up Alice’s Curious Labyrinth. In fact the total length is 7.5 km as they have to be pruned on all three sides!


  • The tallest cactus growing in Disneyland Paris stands at 5.6 metres tall and the veteran of these “prickly pears” is over 50- years- old.


  • The most spectacular flowerbed in the resort is the very first that guests discover at the park entrance. It is in the shape of Mickey’s head, and measures 30 metres in circumference. It takes over 2,500 flowering plants to fill the bed, which naturally changes colour with the seasons.


  • The star of the numerous trees planted at Disney’s Sequoia Lodge® is a 35-year-old cedar, 12 metres high and 9 metres wide, weighing over 16 tons, brought to the park from Versailles. Transplanted with the utmost care, the gardeners replanted it in a north-east facing position. Their efforts have paid off and the big baby is thriving in its new environment.


  • The tallest tree at Disneyland Paris is 21 metres high. It is a Banyan tree on Adventure Isle, at the heart of Adventureland, home to the Cabane des Robinson. No chance that this tree will grow any bigger or lose its leaves: it is the only artificial tree at Disneyland Paris. It was created by a team of artists who ensured it looked as real as possible by painstakingly attaching 300,000 leaves.


  • 1000 Redwoods were imported from Canada’s British Columbia region for planting when the site was built in 1990



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