700 participants gather at Disneyland Paris for International Yoga Day

Published on June 21, 2018

An extraordinary yoga class at the foot of Sleeping Beauty Castle

The United Nations Assembly has proclaimed 21st June to be International Yoga Day. Lolë and Disneyland Paris came together to celebrate this day for the first time with a unique event, free to yoga fans of all levels.

It was a truly extraordinary yoga class, right at the foot of Sleeping Beauty Castle. The class was led by well-known yogi Tara Stiles, along with 7 yogis including Marie-Françoise Mariette, a muse of the Lolë brand. Goofy was also there to join in the fun.

700 participants gathered for this special event, with spaces filling within 24 hours of the online registration opening.

Disneyland Paris and athletic values

Disneyland Paris considers the well-being of its employees and guests to be a top priority, and so the resort offers diverse sporting events in addition to its attractions and entertainment to contribute to a healthy lifestyle. For example, the Disneyland Paris Magic Run Weekend has become a not-to-be-missed annual event, which brings together the magic of Disney Parks with the exhilaration of running races.

For Bernard Mariette, CEO of Lolë, working with Disneyland Paris was a natural choice. “We are proud to be associated with Disneyland Paris. Both our marks share strong values centered on physical and psychological well-being, community, family, innovation, and authenticity, without compromising quality.”

With new athletic and musical events, Disneyland Paris is offering a new range of activities beyond its attractions and entertainment, which will contribute to the well-being of employees and guests – an initiative that is fully aligned with Lolë’s vision. “For me, Sleeping Beauty Castle is one of those truly magical locations that captures the public’s imagination, and takes a yoga session to new heights with a unique emotional experience.”

For Lolë, well-being is a style AND a lifestyle

This philosophy has pushed Lolë to create innovative and functional clothing, which will make you want to move.  This has inspired Lolë to create well-being initiatives throughout the world, like the Lolë White Tour yoga gatherings.  Since 2011, more than 65,000 people have taken part in huge yoga sessions in iconic locations. Cities including Paris, New York, Montreal, Barcelona, and Toronto have been stops on the Lolë White Tour. The Tour brings together communities all over the world, who share a common peaceful energy. Lolë is inspiring and relevant to today, but also seeks to be engaged in the quality of their products, and their impact on communities.

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