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Disneyland Paris Press News is the most reliable means and the quickest one to keep up with the latest product news at Disneyland Paris. Whether you want to know the latest on the Attractions, the Shows, Food & Beverages or the Boutiques of the French resort, Disneyland Paris PR News is made to be a true source of information.

Through this digital magazine, Disneyland Paris Press News offers contents that plunge you into the heart of the magic. Through these reports, interviews, graphics and videos Disneyland Paris Press News brings you the daily life of Europe’s number one tourist destination.

This digital magazine is built around three dedicated sections and is aimed above all for journalists and bloggers to read:

  • Top news: articles and contents on the latest product information and news at Disneyland Paris, whether its on Events, the Attractions, the Shows, the catering offer, the latest Tendencies, the Disney Hotels or by offering live testimonies, “fun facts” or a peek at our backstage area,
  • What’s next: preview information on the news to follow at the heart of the destination,
  • Destination: the section where you will find all the information on the Disney Parks, the Hotels and sports at Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland Paris Press News is your direct link with the PR service and the press attachés at Disneyland Paris. The newsroom allows you to easily download visuals, videos and press releases in no time.

The aim of this new media is above all to open a dialogue with the media community and to offer unique information on Europe’s number one tourist destination.

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